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How we got started.

We are best friends. We met in high school, Allie was senior class president and Abby, a singer/theater junkie. As Abby began doing weddings & events for friends and family on the side in addition to her position with a small family owned company, she called on none other than Allie when she needed assisting. Shortly after, we realized... we are the dynamic duo. We had great talents separately, but together, we could do/solve just about any problem! We would always joke every time we would do an event together that we should have our own company "one day". Well, we finally took the plunge and that "one day" came. After lots of council and prayer, Designs by A was born!


Meet Abby.

Written in the words of Allie:

 Abby is one of the most amazing and loyal people you will ever get the privilege to encounter.  She is not afraid to stand up for people and will go out of her way to ensure that you feel more loved than you would think was even possible. Ever since we became friends, weddings have been her passion and to be honest, she's really darn good at it. Her eye for design amazes me often and she excels with anything that gets her creativity flowing. But fortunately on top of her natural eye and talent for loving others, she is a hilarious go getter that will only add positivity and peace to your big day! 


Meet Allie.

Written in the words of Abby:

Allie is one of the most beautiful human beings you will ever meet. She has no children but I always refer to her as a "mom" because she is constantly caring for others, giving up her food, and always willing to take the shirt off her back. She is the first to help someone in need. She is such an asset to any event because she is quick on her toes, a problem solver, and willing to do any and every job necessary. She is my "calm" in any situation because I know if she is there, we will figure it out.


PS: She organizes a mean sparkler exit.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
~1 Corinthians 10:31

Love & Praise.


Abby played a huge part in the most important day of my life and for that, I will always be grateful for her. She stepped in and took all the stress off of my shoulders. There was so much that I had forgotten to do, but she was always ahead of the game. She refused to let me worry and that meant everything to me.  I remember arriving at my rehearsal nervous because I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. But Abby was there, waiting with her adorable clipboard ready to make my vision come true. I told her what I wanted and she made it happen and because of that, I got to enjoy my night. Once the wedding had started she and Allie directed everything, and everything was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted. They know how to take charge and will get done whatever needs to get done the way you want it to get done.  This is why I am confident that she is one of the greatest wedding planners in the history of wedding planners.


2015 Bride


Where do I even begin?
I’ve known Abby for what seems like forever, when we were little girls we would talk and dream about that day when we would put on that “perfect dress” and walk down the aisle to marry that “perfect man.” Well that day became a reality for me in January 2015. I as a general rule I am not a very detail oriented person. I’m very go with the flow, “it’s not a big deal, no need to freak out” type of a person. This in itself can be a great thing, but for planning a wedding it definitely has its downside. This is where I get to brag on Abby and her incredible abilities. Her communication, her attention to detail, her ability to see the brides “vision” for the wedding and help make that a reality is a gift that is 100% God given. My wedding day was perfect, and I know that was the case only because I had incredible people like Abby and Allie orchestrating the whole thing from behind the scenes.

I have watched Abby and Allie together as a team run several weddings apart from my own, and each time I’m in awe of their team work, their dedication to making the wedding perfect, their attention to the little things that most people would simply gloss over, their late nights, and their passion. I speak from experience saying that they are a phenomenal team, and any bride who has them running the event is sure to have her PERFECT wedding.


2015 Bride

Photography captured by Elaine K Garland Photography

Dear Abby and Allie,


        I have felt compelled to write you this letter since the wedding of my daughter and son-in-law.  All we keep saying is “WOW”! I would say to anyone planning a wedding – they MUST hire a wedding coordinator. As the mother of the bride, I couldn’t relax until we turned the reins over to you and Allie.  When planning a wedding, even for people who enjoy doing DIY and creating unique touches for their wedding, the bride and her family should be able to relax the 24 hours leading up to the wedding. That’s why I would recommend your services to anyone who truly wants to relax on the day of their wedding.   


From the moment we met with you ladies, you listened to the two of them and your heart was truly to carry out their vision.  We went from an outdoor wedding, to an under-the-patio wedding, to an indoor wedding as the clouds and rainstorm rolled in. We have no idea what we would have done had you ladies not taken control and set up multiple times to accommodate.  You arranged helping get guests into the wedding venue in the pouring down rain and didn’t miss a beat. Then, when my daughter couldn’t stand to be in her wedding dress one more minute, Allie hopped in her car and went over to the hotel to get a change of clothes.  Now that was so incredibly sweet and meant so much to us! Also, knowing that during the wedding set-up, both of you were there at the venue coordinating all of the vendors was a huge relief! Otherwise, it would have been us mom’s having to do that and missing out on so much with our children!


I have and will continue to recommend you both!


2018 Mother of the bride

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